"The creative and personable team of staff works alongside the students, and has engineered an uplifting space of learning, inspiration and support"

Oliver Lenzner
Dux of Riverview '20
99.95 ATAR

1. A Beautiful, Colourful and Inspirational Campus

Education doesn't have to live in a boring classroom. Instead, we believe students should learn in inspiring environments that encourage focus, collaboration and camaraderie.

Our Chatswood campus is filled with colourful rooms for inspiration and purpose designed classrooms for focus. You'll have access to the very best campus in Australia for your Year 9 - 12 journey.

2. World Class Classroom Design

Chatswood's classrooms are ultra spacious, and come with extra-wide tables and comfortable seating. Special lighting directs focus onto the whiteboards and walkways allow teachers to engage students anywhere in the room.

Our classrooms are where minimalism meets colour - each room tells a story, whilst being simple and distraction free. It's the ultimate focus-driven learning space that's also interesting and inspiring at the same time.

3. Personalised Tutorial Rooms

Project's tutorial rooms are designed for the most personalised and collaborative school and course related Q&A support imaginable. At Project, every student can access unlimited tutorials, where you can ask as many questions and get as much support as you need from a tutor.

To maximise efficiency and collaboration, our tutorial rooms allow you to sit face-to-face with a tutor and ask anything you need. Not only does the layout enable you to learn from your tutors, but also allows for peer collaboration - where you and your friends can work together and learn together.

4. Grasslands Study Sanctuary Until 10pm Daily

This room is about achieving flow. We built Grasslands as a silent sanctuary where you can escape all interruptions to really focus on your work. The rule here is simple - perfect silence; no talking or whispering for any reason. Welcome to work nirvana.

Grasslands is open from 8am to 10pm every single day of the year. Our students can come before, during and after school hours to study or prepare for exams. There's power points on every table with phone chargers for both Apple and Android as well as high speed Wifi.

5. Staff and Students

People are what makes any foreign place feel like home. At Project, we also believe people interactions are also what helps students grow into the best version of themselves.

It's the interactions, conversations and sharing of ideas that help us develop our perspectives, learn from each other and grow ourselves.

6. Main Office

Whenever you need help (or just want to talk), you can always find our friendly operations team at the Main Office on Level 1.

You'll see it when you first walk in to campus. The Ops team are incredibly friendly - so do reach out and say hello!

Open 8am - 11pm Daily, in the Heart of Chatswood

Project Academy extends beyond our campus, our students and team are often exploring Chatswood. You'll be able to hangout around the Chatswood concourse, grab a coffee from Flower Child or Starbucks, or even get a healthy feed at GYG or Sushi Hub. Of course, there's plenty of bubble tea around!

Chatswood Library and Surrounds

Project is situated just behind the Chatswood Concourse. Our staff and students love to sit in grass areas to enjoy the sun during lunch, get a coffee from the many cafes, or stroll the bustling streets of Chatswood during their study break.

Chatswood Dining Precinct

Project’s ecosystem is designed perfectly for late night study. Come after school to join your class with a state ranking tutor till 6pm. Grab dinner with your friends at Chatswood's amazing dining precinct. Then, come back and join a ThinkTank session or study till 10pm to maximise your marks.

Study Spaces and Teachers

It is Project culture for students to be able to ‘stick their heads in’ and ask teachers for help whenever they need. As a result, Project students and teachers have one of the most tight-knit relationships for any education company.

Thinktank Sessions

Thinktank sessions are designed so you can study effectively by yourself, while also giving you easy access to state ranking and 99+ ATAR tutors when you need. Rooms are designed with an open plan to allow for maximum collaboration.

Open Study Spaces

All campuses also feature open study spaces that facilitate discussion and collaboration. So if you ever need to complete group work, or discuss course material with peers, these spaces are designed for that purpose.