The Ultimate Silent Study Sanctuary

This room is about achieving flow. We built Grasslands as a silent sanctuary where you can escape all interruptions to really focus on your work. The rule here is simple - perfect silence; no talking or whispering for any reason. Welcome to work nirvana.

"The consistent help outside of class hours, modern learning spaces and smooth integration of learning with technology facilitated a love for learning I hadn’t previously felt. The environment at Project was incredibly positive and helpful..."

Hannah Jamal
AR at North Sydney Girls '20
99.35 ATAR

1. The Ultimate Study Sanctuary

Lined with lush greenery and brought to life by ambient lighting, the atmosphere is perfect for studying and is loved by our students. Open from 8am to 11pm daily, this is the secret place that hundreds of 99+ ATAR

and state ranking students come to study to produce the results that they achieve. Come along and experience what it's like to be a Project student, and prepare to be the most productive you have ever been.

2. Printing, Wifi and Charging

Amongst other amenities, all Project Academy campuses offer free coloured printing, high speed Wifi, and charging ports at every table for both Apple and Android devices. Our campus is designed so that everything you need to perform at your very best is always just a few feet away.

3. Open 8am - 10pm Daily

Grasslands is open from 8am to 10pm every single day of the year. During school days, our students can come before, during and after school hours to study, prepare for exams or just to hang out with friends. We are also during school holidays - you'll be surprised to find how many students enjoy to spend their time at Project!

4. Thinktank Daily Homework Support

Whilst there is no talking allowed in Grasslands, Project Academy's nightly homework help program (Thinktank) is hosted in the room right next to Grasslands. Every night from 6pm - 8pm, a 99+ ATAR or state ranking tutor will run a supervised study session where you can ask questions for any subject you study.

It is common practice to study at Grasslands after school until 6pm, before joining Thinktank to get all your unanswered questions of the day answered before heading home. This learning ecosystem is how our students are able to achieve the results that they do.

In the Heart of Chatswood

To maximise your productivity as a student, Grassland’s integration with the rest of Project’s ecosystem has been thought to perfection. From the student-teacher culture, to our classroom design, to Project’s location within the Chatswood CBD, our students enjoy one of the best learning environments in Australia.

Chatswood Library and Surrounds

Project is situated just behind the Chatswood Concourse. Our staff and students love to sit in grass areas to enjoy the sun during lunch, get a coffee from the many cafes, or stroll the bustling streets of Chatswood during their study break.

Chatswood Dining Precinct

Project’s ecosystem is designed perfectly for late night study. Come after school to join your class with a state ranking tutor till 6pm. Grab dinner with your friends at Chatswood's amazing dining precinct. Then, come back and join a ThinkTank session or study till 10pm to maximise your marks.

Study Spaces and Teachers

It is Project culture for students to be able to ‘stick their heads in’ and ask teachers for help whenever they need. As a result, Project students and teachers have one of the most tight-knit relationships for any education company.

Thinktank Sessions

Thinktank sessions are designed so you can study effectively by yourself, while also giving you easy access to state ranking and 99+ ATAR tutors when you need. Rooms are designed with an open plan to allow for maximum collaboration.

Open Study Spaces

All campuses also feature open study spaces that facilitate discussion and collaboration. So if you ever need to complete group work, or discuss course material with peers, these spaces are designed for that purpose.

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