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Introducing the Project Academy iPad

For over 8 years, the Project iPad has acted as an important pillar of success for some of the highest achieving students in NSW. Through it, Project students take online classes, receive live homework help, and access thousands of the most in-depth notes written by 99+ ATAR and state ranking tutors.

Our Unique Academic Ecosystem
1. The Heart of a Project Education →
2. Your HSC Companion →
3. Tutors and Students →

"The consistent help outside of class hours, modern learning spaces and smooth integration of learning with technology facilitated a love for learning I hadn’t previously felt."

Hannah Jamal
AR at North Sydney Girls '20
99.35 ATAR

1. The Heart of a Project Education

Forget school and forget all your previous tutoring experiences. Project Academy is different - we've dedicated our life's mission to building an education system designed to help you achieve HSC success and propel you into the wonderful life beyond school.

We believe having access to the right mentors, the right community and the right environment is key to HSC success and personal growth. When you join us, you’re not just joining a tuition centre, you’re joining an extended family and tribe of mentors.

2. Your HSC Companion

This is the Swiss Army Knife of the HSC. Packaged in one iPad, you get direct access to everything you ever need for the HSC. Help from a state ranking tutor is always one message away and thousands of 99+ ATAR quality notes are ready at your disposal.

3. Tutors and Students

Tutors with state-ranks and great marks are just the beginning. More importantly, every tutor deeply cares about your learning and personal growth. At Project, our values are to always push the boundaries of what we believe are possible in delivering a better experience for you.

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