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#1 Academic Life at Project Academy

From your inspiring teachers and state ranking tutors to your friends and classmates, Project is a vibrant community where you can feel supported and encouraged. No matter what your learning style is, Project is the learning hub for you. Welcome.

"Academic success has and will always be predicated on self motivation but the light-hearted, supportive and collaborative culture of Project has provided the catalyst for self-determination and ultimately improving my marks"

Jason Lin
Dux of Knox Grammar '20
99.95 ATAR, 4 x State Ranker

1. Weekly Classes with NSW's Best Teachers

What surprises most new students is just how inspiring and motivating Project teachers are. Every single one of our teaching staff go through a rigorous training and evaluation process, and are hand-picked for their teaching ability, pure knowledge and impact on students.

Every week, Project students attend carefully structured and personalised classes with our amazing teachers, and as a testament to our teachers’ commitment, the results that we have produced in our 8 short years have far exceeded most tuition centres and even schools in NSW.

2. Personalised Tutorials

Every week, students also attend tutorials. These are private 1-4 sessions with a tutor dedicated to ensuring your marks improve week on week. Tutorials run daily, at all times of the day, giving you the flexibility to book in whenever and however many times you need.

3. Unique Academic Ecosystem

Every week, students also attend tutorials. These are private 1-4 sessions with a tutor dedicated to ensuring your marks improve week on week. Tutorials run daily, at all times of the day, giving you the flexibility to book in whenever and however many times you need.

4. Daily Access to Sydney's Best Study Space 8am - 11pm

At Project Academy, we believe students do their best work when A.They love the work they do, 2. They love the people they do their work with, and 3. They love the space they work in. For the last 8 years, Project Academy has structured

and continued to refine its campus design based on this mantra. Each of our campuses feature a state of the art silent study space called Grasslands. Used by hundreds of the most academically gifted students in NSW, this is the ultimate study space for you.

#2 Community Life at Project Academy

A Project education is so much more than coursework. It's late-night discussions in our games room with friends, weekly movie nights, fierce basketball competitions, group fitness activities, dinners out at Chatswood's dining precinct — and much much more.

"In my time as a student, the most enjoyable days of my week was when I went to Project, with its vibrant atmostphere, accessible facilities and just a time where you get to catch up with mates while learning subjects from engaging, experienced and relatable tutors."

Jason Lin
Dux of Knox Grammar '20
99.95 ATAR, 4 x State Ranker

1. Your Team. Your Family.

The HSC can be an exhausting marathon. A long run is far better with friends, or even better, a team that has your back every step of the way. At Project Academy, we’re a team pushing each other to our very best.

2. Breaks. Meals. Fun.

Between all the hours of focused study and exam prep, we encourage our students to be themselves and have fun! Senior high school is a long marathon and you need your breaks to perform at your peak. Now, go take that nap, grab a healthy snack or head to the gym!

3. Your Second Home.

Sometimes, we're unproductive at home and school. The internet at the library may be too slow, and cafes may be too noisy....where do you go? Project is open for you from 9am to 10pm, 7 days a week. When you need a place to study, a place to hang, or even rest - Project is open for you.

#3 Student Support & Wellbeing

The HSC is a marathon. To perform at your peak, you need to put in consistent work over one to two years. Our highest priority is ensuring you have all the academic support you need, but also that you’re at your very best, physically and mentally - because that’s what will bring you the furthest.

"The community there is magical - everyone always pushed you to be the best version of yourself, and you can tell that the tutors there actually care about you and your wellbeing. At one point, I realised I was no longer studying for the sake of studying, but actually enjoying the content and the process of learning itself."

Michelle Zhang
AR at North Sydney Girls '20
99.05 ATAR

1. Always There For You

Our teachers, operations team and founders wholeheartedly back our students every step of the way, anytime and anywhere. They’ve experienced the ups and downs of the HSC and know how difficult and stressful it can be.

They’re always available to talk - whether it be between classes or online (they’re just a Slack message away!). You can message us 7am in the morning or speak to your think tank tutor in-person at 10pm at night.

2. Health & Wellness Sessions

Behind every HSC high achiever, is a healthy body and healthy mind. You’ll feel great, be more focused when studying, and achieve far better results in your exams. At Project, we host group sport activities, wellness workshops, yoga sessions and more.

3. Peer Support

All Project students are united to perform and become their very best at school and through the HSC. Often, it's our peers in this journey together with us who understand us the very best. Lifelong friendships and support networks are formed at Project Academy.

#4 Careers & Partnerships

HSC is just the beginning. There’s a wonderful world beyond school waiting for you. However, school doesn’t showcase any of these opportunities outside the classroom. At Project, our mission is to back you through the HSC, but also to inspire you to explore the beautiful world beyond school.

1. Career Development Partnerships

Education is so much more than the textbook. We believe that students should think deeply about the world, dream outside the classroom and consider how they can improve the world we live in.

We’re proud partners of Generation Entrepreneur and UN Youth NSW, and back the wonderful mission of these non-profit student organisations.

2. Scholarship & Uni Workshops

Project will support you in your professional or academic pursuits beyond the HSC. We have produced more UNSW and UTS Co-op Scholars than any school in Australia over the last 8 years and our alumni dominate the ranks of scholarship recipients at universities like UNSW, USYD, ANU, MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, Oxford and UCL.

3. Internships & Jobs

Project connects (and also provides) internship and job opportunities to our talented and passionate students. Our designers, teachers, operations team are mostly Project Alumni - and some even work alongside their school studies! We believe in young people creating the future - and will support you in exploring your career opportunities.

#5 Alumni Network

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” - Sir Issac Newton. We’re here to lend you a “shoulder” and help you “see further” than you ever thought possible, through the HSC and into the wonderful life beyond school.

Robbie Ferguson (Project 2014 and Co-Founder & President at Immutable

Global Network of Alumni

Project's alumni network spans thousands of talented students and young professionals globally. They're making a name for themselves - in the world of entrepreneurship, business, science, technology, law, politics, arts and more.

Some are studying MBAs at Stanford, and pursuing PhD's at MIT and UCL. Some are listed on Forbes 30 Under 30 and others are shaping government policy in Canberra, whilst others are working at the Productivity Commision.

Robbie Ferguson (Founder & President of Immutable)

Robbie is a 2014 alumni and attained a 99.95 ATAR and three state ranks as Dux of Knox Grammer. He's a Thiel Fellow, Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient, and has now raised over $22 million in funding for his company.

Divya Ramesh (Software Eng. Manager, Atlassian)

Divya was a Chemistry teacher and graduated from Baulkham Hills High. She's behind the scenes at one of Australia's largest technology companies, building artificial intelligence and data-science software for millions of users.

Hannah Ahn, Product Manager, Canva)

Hannah was a 2018 alumni of Project Academy and the school captain of Chatswood High School. She's deferred university to work full-time at Canva as a Product Manager. She's also the founder of Next Chapter, a careers newsletter for students.

Victor Zhang (Founder, Generation Entrepreneur)

Victor was a 2015 alumni and is the founder of Generation Entrepreneur. He was named one of Australia's Young Social Pioneers, and was a Co-op Scholar at UNSW and a New Colombo Plan Scholar with the Australian government.

Bruce Zhang (Scientist & Artist)

Bruce was a 2017 alumni and a Prefect at Baulkham Hills High. He's a PhD candidate in Healthy Ageing on a full scholarship at UCL, after graduating 1st in Biological Sciences, as Valedictorian and recipient of the Faculty Medal. He's published 3 research papers in science journals and is also an established artist with paintings on exhibition in the UK and Australia.

Adam Chew, (Youth Olympian, Fencing)

Adam Chew was a 2015 graduate and prefect from Newington College. At school, he was a Youth Olympian Candidate and represented Australia for fencing. Today, Adam has graduated from a Bachelor of Commerce and Information Systems as a co-op scholar, and is working full-time as a Program Manager at Amazon.

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