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Year 11 Maths Tutoring

Everything you need to top your school in Maths. Cover all of Year 11 and Year 12 Advanced (2U) even before Year 12 begins!

A Proven Approach to HSC Economics

Weekly Classes
94 was the average Band 6 score achieved by Economics students at Project.
Personalised: 1 to 4
94 was the average Band 6 score achieved by Economics students at Project.
Unlimited Tutorials
94 was the average Band 6 score achieved by Economics students at Project.
NSW's Top Teachers
Learn from a HSC Maths state-ranker, 1st in School or a highly experienced teacher.
Exam Conditions
12 HSC simulations that make the actual HSC Maths exam feel like a practice exam.
Detailed Exam Review
Learn from your mistakes and understand how our state-ranking tutors topped NSW in Maths.
Effective Homework
Do homework that'll actually help you. Our homework sets are all carefully crafted to help you top the state.
Assessment Drafts
Depending on the class, tutors may work with you to personalise topics and homework to help you with assessments.
NSW's Best Markers
Your homework sets will include a rubric developed by NSW's best HSC markers so you know what to expect come exam time.
Ask Anything
Ask any question with our Think Tank tutor, available for you 8 - 10pm every night.
Any Subject
Whether it’s English, Maths, Chemistry, can get help with it all.
School Work Help
Need help with school work? No problem, come and ask your tutor!
Unlimited Q&A
Get any Year 11 and even Year 12 Maths question you need answered, from Project or school.
Personalised: 1 to 4
With a maximum of 4 students per Maths tutorial, you'll be getting plenty of individualised help.
Unlimited Tutorials
1 tutorial per week? 5 tutorials per week? Book as many Maths tutorials as you need.
Pro only: Not available in Lite
Homework Marking
Every homework submission is marked and worked feedback is given with the greatest detail possible.
Assessment Drafts
Submit school work or assessment drafts for marking! A dedicated tutor will work with you to maximise your performance.
NSW's Best Markers
Your marker is a teacher who has state ranked or achieved a 96+ in HSC Maths

Meet the Leading Year 11 Maths
in NSW

Saf Basha
B. Maths & B. Finance
Over 15 Years Experience
Head of Maths (All)
HSC Maths Specialist
Harrison Chong
99.50 ATAR
B.Comm (Adv)
Dux of Chatswood High
1st in 3U Maths (100)
1st in 2U Maths (99)
Shirin Shaban
98.30 ATAR
Doctor of Medicine (MD)
AR at Hornsby Girls
1st in 2U Maths (99)
98 in 3U Maths
Xerxes Lopes
99.65 ATAR
B. Sc (Personal Medicine)
AR at Normanhurst Boys
1st in 2U Maths (100)
1st in Chemistry (97)
1st in Economics (97)
Pahul Singh
B. Comm / Law
GR at Baulkham Hills
9th in 3U Maths (98)
4th in 2U Maths (98)
2nd in Latin
1. 400+ Pages of Comprehensive Notes
Receive in depth notes for every text of study in the Common Module, Module A and Module B. For Module C, you'll receive detailed notes on each of the four text types (creative, discursive, persuasive, informative).
1. 1000+ Pages of Comprehensive Notes with Animated Explanations
Our notes cover every aspect of the Year 11 and Year 12 Advanced Maths syllabus in detail. The rigorous course is designed to help you achieve an upper Band 6 in Advanced (2U) Maths, and also Extension 1 (3U) Maths if you choose to do so.
Your Own Handwritten Notes & Personalised Cheatsheet
Nothing beats notes you've hand written yourself with the help of our beautiful workbook structure! Our Year 11 Maths workbooks help you capture class content in a neat, structured way so that you can easily navigate and find your notes.
Past Paper Questions Sorted for You by Topic
From our 1,000+ Past Papers and our own Project exam-style questions, we’ve organised the best questions into exercises for you to work through, alongside detailed solutions. Everything's available on a beautiful app called "Snowflake" at a tap of a button.
1000+ Maths Past Papers
We’ve collected past papers from schools over the past 10 years and organised them into an app, with detailed solutions, all available on your Project iPad.
Grasslands Open Till 10pm
Study in a state-of-the-art silent study space with spacious tables, chargers and greenery.
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Inspiring Classrooms
Be inspired and motivated by the beautiful classrooms, large whiteboards and tables.
Kitchen & Chill Space
Grab some healthy snacks and take a break between your “hustle” periods.
Grasslands Open Till 11pm
The learning environment at Project Academy supports you through every step of the learning process. Want to learn content in advance? Check out our subject textbooks. Want to get your essays improved before submitting them? Send them in to your assigned tutor for marking. Have an urgent question at 10pm in the night? Get an immediate response from our tutors.
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Your Friends
Incredible friendships are formed at Project that last far beyond the HSC.
Your Team
Every student is backed by a team of teachers, tutors, and markers at Project.
Your Family
A marathon is far better with a team that has your back every step of the way.
We Care
Project’s teachers, operations team and founders are wholeheartedly here for you.
Health and Wellness
Join health and wellness programs such as group sports, yoga, meditation and more.
Talk to Us
HSC is stressful, and you can talk to us between classes or via message on Slack!
Your Secret Weapon
This is the Swiss Army Knife of the HSC. Packaged in one iPad, you get direct access to everything you ever need for the HSC. Help from a state ranking tutor is always one message away and thousands of 99+ ATAR quality notes are ready at your disposal.

You also receive access to our suite of exclusive HSC apps backed by state rankers and 99+ ATAR teachers, and engineered by our education technology team. Learn more
Online Grasslands
We work our best when others are there to motivate you. We've made group studying remotely possible via daily Zoom sessions called 'Grasslands'.
Daily 'Thinktank'
If you have any questions, you can jump into the 'Thinktank' Zoom calls and have it answered by a tutor until 10pm every night.
We Care
Project’s teachers, operations team and founders are wholeheartedly here for you.
Health and Wellness
Join health and wellness programs such as group sports, yoga, meditation and more.
Talk to Us
HSC is stressful, and you can talk to us between classes or via message on Slack!
The Global Economy
Exam Review
Australia's Place in the Global Economy
Australia's Place in the Global Economy
Topic Review & Exam Review
Comprehensive Review & Half Yearly Preparation
Topic 3 Review
Economic Policies and Management
Comprehensive Review of HSC Course
Comprehensive Trials Preparation
LEAP - Weekly Predicted HSC Exams
LEAP Review - Weekly In-class Review of Exams
Trigonometric Ratios
Exam & Review
Introduction to Differentiation
Geometric Applications of Differentiation
Exam & Review
Assessment Preparation
Logarithms & Exponentials
Curve Sketching
Trigonometric Calculus
Series & Their Applications
Calculus Applications
Exam & Review
Financial Maths
Comprehensive Exam Preparation
This Year 11 Maths program is specially designed to cover the entire Year 11 2U Maths and Year 12 2U Maths courses in 9 months. This gives you the opportunity to solely dedicate Year 12 to studying 3U or 4U Maths.

Note: The Accelerated Maths course covers all of Year 11 and Year 12 2U and 3U Maths in 9 months,

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